Cheapest Panerai PAM 358 Chronopassion Limited Edition Watch Available On James List Replica At Best Price

Panerai PAM 358 Chronopassion Limited Edition Watch Available On James List Sales & Auctions

In addition to all of this, the PAM 321 includes the in-house P.9002 automatic movement that contains some interesting and useful attributes. First, the PAM 321 is C.O.S.C certified and comes with a display caseback that reveals the 3/4 plate movement decorated with blue screws and rubies. The decoration isn’t too done which works nicely for the main tool temperament of this watch. The motion is a GMT at which the hour hands (as soon as the crown is discharged and pulled to position one) will shift quickly in jumping fashion.Interestingly, the GMT hand is colored the same as the dial and is lean such that by transferring the hour hand over it, you can hide the GMT hand and convert the PAM 321 into a non-GMT watch. That is similar to what is usually possible with other GMT watches where the GMT hand makes one revolution of the dial in one day. The date varies once the hour hand makes two revolutions of the dial. However, 1 drawback here, emphasizing this is not a “real” GMT watch, is that you don’t readily know if the GMT hand is signaling AM or PM. Some Panerai versions, e.g., PAM 270 and PAM 335, include an additional AM/PM indicator using the P.2003 movement.Two added characteristics of this movement are the quick reset seconds and the 3-day power reserve indicator. First, by releasing the crown and yanking it to the second position, you are able to move the moments hand along with the GMT hand. But what is cool is that once you pull the crown to that second position, the seconds hand instantly moves to zero and also the movement stops. This enables you to precisely set the current time to some reference time. No longer do you need to wait for the seconds hand to reach 60 so as to prevent it and set it correctly. The P.9002 movement does this for you automatically.

Panerai PAM 358 Chronopassion Limited Edition Watch Available On James List Sales & Auctions

In the world of limited edition Panerai watches there are cool ones and boring ones. This is one of the really cool ones. I also love that they all (limited to 100 pieces) sold out within one hour of being released. This is the Panerai Luminor Submersible PAM 358, and was specially made for the Parisian high-end watch store Chronopassion. The PAM 358 is a pretty crazy watch. Water resistant to 2500 meters (over 8,000 feet), the watch is shaped like a diving vessel with a large rounded bottom. It is known as a “destro” model, or lefty model, because the crown is on the left side of the watch. It is really thick as well – even by Panerai standard. The case is 47mm wide in titanium with a special rotating diver’s bezel that is in steel. This is one of the most coveted, ultimate Panerai dive watches out there.

For more pics, you can check out this post on WatchUSeek where a lucky member shows off his PAM 358. There you can see the interesting chunky curves of this PAM-beast, with its titanium 1950 style case and built in helium escape valve. Dial is pretty standard with the typical Pamerai sub watch look. I think the inner bezel with the diver’s scale is an interesting touch. Hands are too stubby though. Does someone actually like stubby hands? Or am I one of the few people who notice these things? Still legible though. Inside the watch is a Swiss Valjoux 7750 automatic movement that has been modified and turned around. The chronograph has been removed, and flipping the watch movement around placed the subsidiary seconds dial on the right side of the case, and the crown on the right. Came on a light brown leather strap. Chronopassion made a good choice with this special piece. These are very hard to find, and with just 100 around, you are lucky to ever get one. There is one now on James List for just under $15,000.

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