Best patek philippe 2526 white gold black dial replica watch

patek philippe 2526 white gold replica watch has a great movement, but there’s much more to a watch than what makes it run. The other easy-to-define trait of the 2526 that makes it so special is its dial – the vast majority of which are twice-baked enamel! Enamel dials are, to this day, a very special thing, and when a watch hits the market with an enamel dial, collectors instantly take note (example A, example B). Again, enamel is used sparingly today because it is delicate and difficult to produce – it’s somewhat ornate at this point, but Patek chose to use enamel on the 2526 for a different reason; it would last forever

The 2526 has so much going for it – the patek philippe 2526 replica watch remarkably high quality caliber that is good to one second per day and finished to the nines and the enamel dial that today is only used on the most special watches in the world are really just the beginning. The double P crown that you see on the 2526 was introduced for the caliber 12-600 AT and while it is not unique to this reference, it is probably most associated with it. This crown is simply beautiful, and one of my personal favorite attributes of the watch.

Platinum and white gold patek philippe replica watch are exceedingly difficult to find. In fact, by some estimates, we’ve seen less than 25 platinum examples ever, and less than 20 in white gold to the market. So we are talking absolutely minuscule numbers here. And I haven’t even gotten to the fact that the vast majority of white gold and platinum 2526s featured metallic dials with diamond markers.