Grade 1 Replica Watches Hublot Introduces the Classic Fusion Berluti with a Venezia Leather Dial

Hublot Classic Fusion Berluti All black

Bund straps were initially invented to be used by German pilots during World War II to prevent the eye examples from freezing or searing the wearer’s skin at high altitudes or in case of a cockpit fire. Along with providing yet another link to local history, this style of strap also perfectly matches a bronze watch to prevent oxidization turning the wearer’s skin green, although Hublot Watches India Online Replica have catered to people wanting to replace the strap with a non-Bund alternative by fabricating the caseback from black ceramic. A second strap (not pictured) is also included and easily accessible thanks to Hublot’s “One Click” attachment method, which offers a slightly dressier look in “altsalzburg” (black-brown) coloured deer leather with oak leaf embroidery. The buckle is made from black PVD titanium using a brushed bronze deployant clasp insert, providing a modern touch to an otherwise old-world aesthetic.The size of the Hublot Big Bang Bavaria is going to be a sticking point for some. Hublot’s Big Bang watches already wear very large with their 45mm instances, and the Bund style strap makes this model appear even larger on the wrist. That said the bull leather has been used here was meticulously hand-worked from the craftsmen at Meindl to attain a velvety soft texture and allow it to wear more smoothly. This piece also provides a strong vintage vibe and a real link with Bavarian history, which should appeal to lovers of German culture or anybody seeking to emphasise their Lederhosen into the extreme for Oktoberfest or any Bavarian-themed event. The Hublot Big Bang Bavaria is being provided at a limited edition run of 100 bits, with a price of $27,900.

Having put denim and embroidery on the dials of its watches, Hublot has now turned to French shoemaker Berluti for its trademark Venezia leather, including the signature Berluti Scritto hide. Tanned to give it a variegated finish resembling the patina of age, Berluti’s leathers synonymous with the brand.

Hublot Classic Fusion Berluti All black

The Hublot and Berluti collaboration is available in two guises, both limited edition. The more affordable is the Classic Fusion Berluti All Black, a 500-piece limited edition in black ceramic and titanium with the dial and strap in nero grigio Venezia leather that’s a striking grey-black. The strap features the “Gaspard” slash, a fold in the leather secured by a single stitch. This is priced at SFR13,900 or S$23,400 in Singapore.

Hublot Classic Fusion Berluti

The Classic Fusion Berluti Scritto combines 18k King Gold, a rose gold alloy, with Venezia Scritto leather. Laser engraved with calligraphy, Scritto leather is Berluti’s most recognisable material, especially in the rich golden brown tobacco bis colour found here. This is limited to 250 pieces, with a price of SFr27,900 or S$46,800.

Hublot Classic Fusion Berluti Scritto 3

Hublot Classic Fusion Berluti Scritto 2

Both Classic Fusion Berluti watches are 41 mm in diameter, and come packaged in a large box covered in the same Berluti leather as the dial and strap. Inside is a Berluti leather watch pouch, along with various implements for polishing the leather, including wax and brushes.